singer - Joey Lanz
guitar - Walt Stack
guitar - Danny Nez
bass - Ted Flatus
drums - Gerry Tuohy


In the tradition of the Dead Boys and the New York Dolls, THE BULLYS are the New York City tuff guys of punk rock-n-roll. They have created a catalog of edgy urban rock songs that are as far from political correctness as you can get with a vivid imagination. Heavily influenced by the Dictators, Ramones, and others from the late ’70s punk rock era, THE BULLYS are unafraid to tackle any topic, no matter how lurid.

The band was put together in 1997 by Johnny Heff, of Rockaway Beach, Queens. In 1998 THE BULLYS unleashed Stomposition – their sweaty, beer-drinkin, fight-starting, foul-mouthed self-released debut. Produced by Marky Ramone, the album received positive reviews all around and put the group on the punk-rock map. Their second album, Tonight We Fight Again, released in 1999, was another step forward for the band, with better performances, catchier hooks, and cleverer lyrics. John Holmstrom of PUNK Magazine wrote: “THE BULLYS are the best thing I've heard since the Ramones/Dead Boys/New York Dolls. THESE GUYS ARE F'N GREAT.”

In 2001, the band nearly called it quits after losing founding member and primary songwriter Heff. In addition to being a BULLY, Johnny was also a NYC Firefighter and one of the many heroes who went into the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 to save others, never making it out. The remaining band members ultimately decided to carry on and continue to keep Johnny’s music - and spirit - alive.

THE BULLYS have just released their third album, BQE Overdrive, which picks up right where the others left off. This time the band revel in the best production yet, courtesy of engineer Joe Blaney, who has worked with The Clash, Ramones, Keith Richards, AC/DC and Prince among others. Of the songs on the new CD, Sugarbuzz Magazine writes: “Ten barnstorming little motherfuckers that most of us can relate to cause they’re taken from real life…this is a band that will jack up your adrenaline and cause you to laugh out loud at the same time.”

No matter the critical acclaim of their studio albums, THE BULLYS are at their best on stage. A typical BULLYS show is a veritable whirlwind of raw rock power, with lead singer Joey Lanz howling and growling into the microphone as his band-mates explode into action: Walt Stack, Danny Nez and Todd Feyh attacking their guitars and Gerry Tuohy committing violence on the drum kit. It's danceable, moshable, insane fun as the BULLYS interact with their audience, trading jokes and playing their asses off. Over the years, THE BULLYS have gained support from such high profile rockers as Marky Ramone, Debbie Harry, Dick Manitoba, and Lee Ving, and have shared the stage with the likes of Joey Ramone, CJ Ramone, The New York Dolls, The Dictators, Murphy's Law, Fear, The Vibrators, Misfits, U.K. Subs, and many more.